Eight Important Self-Awareness Questions to Build a Better 2012

We are almost through the first month of this year, so have you thought about your game plan to enjoy a healthier you in 2012? Here are some questions to encourage self awareness during the upcoming year:

1. What can I celebrate from the previous year?

2. What were some of the disappointments?

a) What do I need to let go of?

b) What can I do for myself in order to accept who I am now?

3. What did I learn about myself?

4. What am I most grateful for in my life right now?

5. What are some intentions that I have identified for myself for this year? Note that the term is intentions, not resolutions!

6. What personal measures can I take to facilitate better care of myself? This question includes acceptance that I know that it is up to me to provide my best self care in order to promote my own health and wellness.

7. What would be the one word that can be the theme that will act as a positive guide for my upcoming year? “The year of …..” as I move forward with my personal self care program?

8. Conversely, what is the one theme that I definitely need to discard in the upcoming year? Examples may include excessive worry, blame (personal or directed toward others), regret, overwork, etc.

A commitment to visually clarify and establish my own unique theme for 2012 will enhance my personal self care program and lead to an improvement in my health and relationships with the important people in my life.  Your answers to the featured questions may provide a pleasant surprise when you discover how well you can manage your personal decisions. You may also discover that you can make these decisions ahead of time in this upcoming year. Your health and well being is not the responsibility of others…it’s all up to you!

Thank you; Kathleen Chury

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