Relationship Challenges

Great quote that I learned via my wellness coach training: “To enhance the quality of your relationships, imagine this is your last day with whomever you are with” (Author: Og Mandino).
These days many relationships are challenged in a variety of ways. For example, one person’s views about a certain topic may be very different from their partner’s, leading to conflict or even a breakdown in the relationship.
Another example may be a significant health challenge experienced by someone dear, and the challenge is not knowing how to communicate with the person. More examples include loss, financial concerns, and making difficult choices that conflict with the values of someone else. Everybody has a long list of life challenges.
I’ve coached hundreds of people going through relationship challenges, I have been able to help them clarify what they are experiencing, identify goals to stay well in the midst of conflict, and learn communication skills to Improve the connections. Even when the relationship might not be continuing, the connection might have to. Connect with me, and I welcome helping you help yourself in your connections with others.


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