”You helped me and my parents, Kathleen. You taught us a lot, and I really appreciate it. I will miss you”. 2022-16-2022)(Anonymous pre-teen male testimonial 2022-16-2022)

  • “When I first came to see Kathleen, I was heartbroken. I was sifting through layers of emotion due to my divorce. Additionally, I had also left my 20-year career behind. I had no idea where I was going, but Kathleen helped me to establish a path. I chose the path to education. I graduated in 2020 with my Bachelor’s degree. I could not have embarked on this journey without Kathleen. Her gentleness, compassion, empathy and sensitivity to my pain has been incredibly healing.”

      (MG’s testimonial for Kathleen: 2021-12-23)

  • “Every once in a long while a truly exceptional person steps into my life. the talent to subtly engage & steer tragedy into triumph is a skill vested on few and fewer still have the calling & dedication to nourish & grow such a gift. Kathleen humbly accepts reward for her investment in the healing & growth to which she is witness. My gratitude for her stewardship is immeasurable”.

    (C.B. (male) Calgary, Ab)

  • “I want to say that it was a true pleasure to meet with you last week! I couldn’t believe how the hours flew by! Your caring & intuitive nature makes it so easy to talk to you. I felt like I really poured out my heart and soul in a safe & compassionate environment. I truly feel that I have already gotten more out of one session of Life & Wellness Coaching with you than I have in the past from numerous psychology sessions. I look forward to working with you to turn my life around & achieve a better balance. I wish I had come to see you sooner, however I guess the right time for me is now”.

    (P.M. (male) Calgary, Ab)

  • “Kathleen was always very positive and caring.  She listened well, responded with logical insight and practical suggestions. Keep up the good work!”

    (A.B. (male) – Calgary, Alberta)

  • “Kathleen understands the psyche of emergency workers / caregivers and can relate to their issues and problems.”

    (B.S. (male) – Calgary, Alberta)

  • “Walks the talk!  Inspirational!”

    (J.G. (female) – Calgary, Alberta)

  • “I really appreciate the positive focus on my life and that is helping me move forward”

    (R.P. (male) – Calgary, Alberta)

    “My Coach is one of the positive people that I have ever met. She presented all of the information in a gentle and caring manner, keeping everyone on track and encouraging us to share our thoughts and blueprints.

    ”(D.B. (female) – Calgary, Alberta)

  • “Both “J” and I were saying how great we always feel after meeting with you. I always feel relaxed & cleared in my thinking. You really have a way of helping us look at positives in life…& I just wanted to say a special “Thank You” for that!!!”

    P&J (male and female, Calgary, Ab)

  • “Life coaching is a very unique process. It allows individuals to use their personal strengths and life experiences in order to build their own successes.”

    (I.H. (male) – Calgary, Alberta)

  • “Having been involved for over 30 years in emergency services, nothing really prepares one self when tragedy strikes your own life. The help that I have received, quite likely, saved me from a deeper tragedy. It’s wonderful when somebody, like Kathleen, can refocus your life and priorities back to what is really important.

    Thank you Kathleen”

    (B.V.M. (male) – Calgary, Alberta)

  • “I was referred to Kathleen during an extremely turbulent time of my life by my family physician. What a blessing it turned out to be, as Kathleen helped me to engage and understand the problem from a perspective I never would have considered. Kathleen’s kindness and wisdom made all the difference in moving through the confusion back into a healthy life.”


  • “I went and seen Kathleen with some personal concerns. Kathleen made me feel comfortable, and was very easy to talk to. I know Kathleen has an expertise understanding of people and their feeling. She has taught me to look at situations in a positive way and taught me some skills on dealing with anxiety. It has helped me tremendously in my every day life. Thank you Kathleen.”

    P.C. (female), Calgary, Ab.

  • “My wife K. and I were introduced to Kathleen at a time when we were going through a significant time of transition in our lives
    and unexpected challenges in our relationship. Through the hours of thoughtful, caring and understanding conversation, Kathleen’s passion
    for helping and coaching people was evident to us both. Kathleen’s talent for clarifying the cloudy and her exceptional ability of providing introspective
    alternate views is a huge benefit. Kathleen’s big heart and wealth of professional and personal “life” experience, which she is
    willing to share in a insightful, kind and respectful way assisted us in navigating through a difficult time. Kathleen cares, we still recognize her as a valuable resource
    and a dear friend. The skills Kathleen taught us during our coaching sessions still inspire K. and I to succeed and ultimately accept and manage whatever
    life presents us. Keep up the good work you do Kathleen, you are a very special lady.
    Our most kind everlasting gratitude”

    B. and K. M. (couple) Calgary, Ab. P.C. (female), Calgary, Ab.

  • “To Whom it may concern:

    And I believe this letter concerns everyone in the mental health profession, because I am going to talk about Kathleen Chury. Kathleen has affected my life in such a positive, progressive, and personable manner that no one else has even come close to accomplishing.

    Kathleen is a soft spoken happy lady who offers a comfortable, personal, non-corporate, non-institutional, low stress setting that invites you in and has you looking forward to returning. Kathleen treats me like a person, believes long term health comes from today’s outlook on life, and I genuinely enjoy our visits. All interactions about appointments are done directly with her (no over worked, under-caring secretary or radicalized on line sign up), and she always makes sure there’s a minute just to find out “what’s up”.

    This lady has the memory of an elephant; I have never found I ever have to repeat myself, not a name, a situation, event, etc., and she doesn’t look like she’s straining to find the information in her head; I just think she is really listening to me. Plus if I have ever mentioned an important event is taking place on a particular date she somehow remembers and makes a point to contact me with an appropriate comment.

    Kathleen has a number of templates and unique methods of counselling (all focusing on what I have deemed her motto “long term health comes from today’s outlook on life”) – everything from very open faced, pre-explained and run as “hands on” activities to hypnosis. All methods I have experienced have taught me about myself, helped me stay focused, relaxed and taught me skills I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I feel Kathleen has very easily recognized the type of learner I am and has used the appropriate skills to work with me. I have experienced many people in Kathleen’s line of work who seem to have their routine in place, make it seem like they are listening, hand me a book and say, “Go read this…”. To this date anything extracurricular has been hands on and a continuation of something started in her presence.

    Kathleen is wonderful at listening, she hears what I am saying, pulls out everything strong about me, and continuously reminds me of these traits, and makes sure that she compliments me for all of it. She focuses on my health and well being, and never lets me forget that.

    Kathleen has become a structural part of my foundation. My situation in life has been rather rough and lonely for the last 10 years, particularly for the last three. Kathleen has been the only person who has had the consistency, warmth, and the ability to help me see some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Kathleen is progressive and beneficial to people in my kind of situation, line of work, and schedule. I am a single father, firefighter, and living in a new city. No other program offered to me has had the ability or even really tried to meet my needs.

    I believe more people should be getting access to this wonderful, wonderful person, and if she was to disappear from my life right now, no other program would replace the void.”

    Male in his 30′s Calgary

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